Notice of Fraudulent Access and Measures

On September 4th and 11th 2018, we have found that our administrative website has been irregularly accessed.
Thus we have temporarily closed the site to confirm the status of the site and are conducting maintenance to implement stronger blocking measures.
We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused.
We also regret to inform that personal information has been compromised which may place some of our members at risk, and for this we have no way to show our deepest of apologies. For anyone who have been affected, we will provide our utmost efforts to amend, and we ask for your kind patience with us.
We will reopen the website in the upcoming days with improved security, but we have taken a decision to stop any new membership registrations for the time being.
At the time of the reopening, we will make an announcement of the investigation status, a full report of the damages caused by the hacking, and the measures taken for future prevention.
Please rest assured that we will make it our utmost responsibility to continue to provide commission payments and service offerings to our members. If you are in need of a commission payout, kindly contact our support through your registered email address with the required information.

Required Information: Login name, full name, date of birth, payout amount

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In the case that the culprit of the security breach contacts any of our members via email or social networks, it is very important that you do not reply to the contact, and that you inform our customer support immediately.

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